Now available to pre-order!

It's here and it's great... Recently we received the prototype of the newest addition to our SeaCleaner family: the 'Red Alert'. To double check the red lettering for 'SeaCleaner' and the new colorless stainless steel crown.

We took it out for a spin at the beach and we must say, we are quite pleased! Production is currently underway and delivery of the first pieces to customers is scheduled for August. 

The SeaCleaner 'Red Alert' is a limited edition of 300 pieces, now available to pre-order in our online shop. If you're one of the first, you also get to indicate a preference for your personal caseback number. 

To achieve this, do the following: add the watch to your cart, view your cart and give us 3 preferences between 001 and 300 in the box ''Add a note to your order'.

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