GYRE Watches upcycles ocean plastic in SeaCleaner


  • Dutch sports watch made from upcycled fishing nets from the ocean. 
  • Every watch sold supports local fishermen and the community. 
  • Sold in over 35 countries. 

Dutch watch brand GYRE Watches presents the SeaCleaner collection, made out of upcycled fishing nets, sourced from the Indian Ocean. With watches sold in more than 35 countries, the GYRE SeaCleaner is their contribution to a greater awareness of the plastic soup problem and to stop and remove the flow of plastic into the oceans. 

The SeaCleaner took three years to research and develop. “We have come a long way. The recycled material has hardly been used yet, so we have encountered all possible problems," said creator and founder Bernard Werk. “From a very fragile case to one that even partially dissolved in water. The satisfaction we felt was enormous when we were finally able to wear the first working prototypes.”

Werk adds: “We choose to make our watches from upcycled ‘ghost nets’ because 640,000 tons of ‘ghost nets’ are still dumped in our oceans every year. This causes thousands of animals to lose their lives and coral reefs to be damaged. In fact, fishing nets make up 50 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A floating plastic gyre the size of France, Germany and Spain combined.”

The GYRE SeaCleaner symbolizes change, without losing sight of style and comfort. We keep it as close to home as possible, because the assembly is completely done in the Netherlands.

As watch enthusiasts, we are keen on details. Either with a clean black dial with white accents and ‘SeaCleaner’ in a subtle deep red for the SeaCleaner ‘Red Alert’. For a powerful statement without being ‘too much’. Other models are the Blue Marine and Green Ocean, with respective blue and green color accents.

We also have an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and very sturdy sapphire glass instead of the less strong mineral or plastic glass. A stainless steel caseback for protection and comfort. A high-quality Japanese solar movement; three hours in the sun and you have enough energy for six months. With a water resistance of 100 meters and a high-quality NATO-strap made out of plastic bottles to complete the picture. Of course certified with a Global Recycle Standard certificate (GRS). 

Every part of the watch is designed 'from the ground up'. Every corner and every hand, up to the engraved caseback is 'custom'. 

Co-founder Jorrit Niels: “Unlike many other upcycled products, our material is completely traceable to its source. Local fishermen collect the fishing nets from the Indian Ocean and deliver them to our recycler. They receive compensation for this, so GYRE also contributes to the local economy. The nets are then cleaned by the local community and turned into granulate for the case. In the recycling value chain, we employ more than 300 people and contribute to a positive social impact.”

At GYRE Watches, we create a community committed to cleaning the oceans and keeping them clean, one watch at a time

Images (High-Res & for online use)

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GYRE SeaCleaner - SPECS

  • 42mm Case made out of recycled ghost fishing nets.
  • Nylon strap now made out of recycled PET bottles, GYRE is finishing development of a strap made out of recycled fishing nets.
  • Japanese solar movement, 3 hours of light are good for 6 months of power, so no changing batteries.
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal.
  • Stainless steel case back, for comfortable wear and protection.
  • Water resistant to 100 meters/10 bar.
  • Assembly in The Netherlands.
  • Retail price: €289,-

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