Kickstarter - Behind the Scenes

Four days in and we're making good progress. We are excited to see your engagement, questions and suggestions after almost three years of getting from an idea to a finished product. Keep them coming, feel free if you have any questions and if you want to spread the word - that'll be great! 

In this update we want to show you some more behind the scenes images and let you know that we are completely ready to produce and assemble once we are fully funded. Production can get underway immediately to deliver you your watch as soon as possible. No excuses, no extra waiting. We have been on the other side and we know how frustrating unkept promises can be. You showed trust in us by pledging, so we will do everything to deliver on time and perhaps even earlier. 

For now, scroll down and check out the photos. Speak soon!

Bernard & Jorrit - Team Gyre

Some early sketches by our designer Serge Cosenza 

3D-printing to check dimensions and comfortability on the wrist 

Collecting and cleaning the saved fishing nets

Assembling the SeaCleaner 

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