We're getting there... Assembly will start soon!

Dear Backers,

It has been some time since you last heard from us, but we weren't celebrating summer... Well okay, a little bit of course - but we are mostly hard at work at meeting our planned delivery date for you all!

As it stands now, we are still confident that we will deliver in September. End of September is realistic, production has not yet suffered due to COVID-19 and assembly will begin in about two weeks. Next week we will receive the movements. The straps and parts will follow soon thereafter. 

In the world we now live in there's unfortunately always a possibility of this changing somewhat if there is a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases and we are confronted with delays that are beyond our control. Of course we will keep you updated immediately when this happens. But fingers crossed, all looks good for now! 

Hope you are looking forward to the finished Gyre SeaCleaner and will share news and new pics as soon as we get them. Thank you and have a great weekend!


Team Gyre

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