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Hi all,

In May we started our crowdfunding campaign and successfully funded our Gyre SeaCleaner on Kickstarter. A tremendous rush and very fulfilling to see the project being brought to life by almost 300 backers. We are now in production for the first edition and want to use Indiegogo InDemand to keep accepting pre-orders and also offer the blue version of the Gyre SeaCleaner in a limited edition.

We see it as a perfect step before we launch our webshop. As you can see, the watch is production ready. Actually it is in production already and have been covered extensively in the media. We're very proud of that and hope you will part of our mission to raise awareness and battle the problem of plastic waste in our oceans and coastlines.

Check our Indiegogo InDemand for a last chance to order the Gyre SeaCleaner with a significant discount and be one of first to join us in making a change and raise awareness.


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