Production has started!

Dear Backers,

After our successfull end to the campaign we went into overdrive to get things started. With this quick update we want to let you know that the solar movements have been ordered and that production is underway. We still live in a sometimes uncertain world and are dependent of course on current events, but the outlook is good. If anything changes we will update you immediately. 

Just a quick note regarding our survey. There was an optional question only applicable when you pledged an additional €20/$23 for an extra strap. Some backers answered that one without having made an additional pledge. Unfortunately we can't honor that as you might expect. If you are interested in an additional strap, like some, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

A sample of the packaging is also expected soon. We will post some pics when we got it to show you all. We are keeping it as minimal as possible of course and sustainable. So no wasteful enormous boxes like you sometimes get with a watch, but efficient, eco-friendly and with an additional surprise next to it. Just a small token of our appreciation that has nothing to do with the watch, but is completely in line with our mission. And pretty cool.

That's it for now. We'll update you again very soon and have a great day!

Team Gyre

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