Just a little longer...

Dear Backers,

Hope you all are still healthy and safe. An update from our side. We were on an excellent trajectory to meet our expected delivery date. Unfortunately COVID-19 indirectly is responsible for a delay.

We're sorry, but no worries; this will not be a Kickstarter campaign where there is delay after delay. As with our watch, we aim to communicate directly and transparently. Here's the thing: the manufacturer of our bezel went bankrupt because of the financial implications of COVID-19.

Fortunately we made sure we had two back-ups in case issues like these would arise or if the quality wasn't good enough. We organized the same with any of the watch parts by the way, just in case. After our first back-up did not produce the quality we expect, the second back-up manufacturer is currently producing the bezels. 

Meaning for you backers: a delivery date that is about a month later than expected. We expect to receive the bezels early October. Then we will assemble ASAP and ship according to order position. We will let you all know a more precise date once we receive any updates.

Our sincere apologies for this delay, we can't wait to get you your Gyre SeaCleaner, which we're extremely proud of! 

Have a great day,

Team Gyre

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